What is a hoax?

Quite simply put, a hoax is a deliberate deception. There are a million different reasons why one person would want to deliberately deceive another. Usually it involves profit of some sort. Its impossible to say when the first hoax was perpetrated, but hoaxing, trickery, and lying have been part of humanity since time immemoriam. This site aims to expose the hoaxes, and to keep you better informed as to the common methods used by hoaxers, tricksters, con-men, and thieves, so you can avoid being duped yourself.

The Editor's Desk
FOOL ME ONCE, SHAME ON YOU ...: Thanks to some alertness on the part of online commenter “The Oracle of the Athens Banner-Herald,” I’m obliged to report to you that a “study” of computer browser users mentioned earlier this week in The Editor’s Desk was a hoax.

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